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Training Videos Make Physical Inventory Counts Easier

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Training Videos Make Physical Inventory Counts Easier

Many dealerships are currently conducting physical inventory and DSI Solutions wants to help ease your burden.

Debra Bourbon, Manager of Quality Assurance and Documentation, is preparing a series of videos explaining how to make the process simple and accurate.

There are three videos:

  1. Getting ready: Details the steps to conduct in advance to make sure that your inventory count session runs smoothly.
  2. Counting: Outlines how to count the inventory and mark them in the DSI physical inventory module.
  3. Analysis: Discusses how to analyze variances and reconcile the counts in the accounting program.

Bourbon recommends that everyone who is conducting an inventory watch all three videos in order. “This helps them to be well-prepared to do the physical inventory,” she says.

Inventory should be conducted when the parts department is closed and is not selling any parts, such as on a weekend.   “Accurate inventory values are necessary, not just because it verifies the value of one of your largest assets, but because parts inventories are quite often security to your lenders,” says Vic Watson, CEO of DSI Solutions.  Another inventory counting option is cycle counting. Cycle counting, the repetitive counting of small portions of your entire inventory, resulting in multiple counts over the course of the year, increases inventory accuracy and reduces cost. This method of counting inventory, while in existence for many years, is increasing in popularity as an expansion of the physical inventory process, and in many cases is a complete replacement of the annual physical inventory count.

The videos are accessible to clients by logging into the DSI support portal. Please contactsupport@dsisolutions.biz if you need assistance.