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At DSI Solutions, we believe that software should make it easier for you to run your company. You want a state-of-the-art system that will let your employees work quickly and efficiently. Blaze does all that – and more.

Most importantly, you want to avoid confusion. Stay away from outdated Windows-based software and join the large number of companies that are choosing browser-based options. Experts say that within the next year more than 60 percent of IT spending will be on cloud-based computing. With good reason – the cloud is the way of the future.

We named our new software Blaze because it’s fast and saves you time. You can quickly generate the reports you need to operate and improve your business. Since Blaze is browser-based, you can create reports and view them anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

DSI systems include the following modules to ensure that you can manage your business effectively and store all of your data in one place. The modules are:









Case Study: Kenworth NE

“They answered all of the questions we had and showed us a few time-saving techniques that we didn’t know about it. The training was very valuable.”

David ZicariKenworth Northeast

Five Questions Customers Always Ask about DSI Blaze

At DSI, we know that it’s a big step to move from server-based software to a browser-based system like Blaze. Here are five questions that commercial vehicle suppliers frequently pose – plus the explanations of why a switch to Blaze will make your business more efficient and profitable.

Our staff are old school and reluctant to change. How will they respond to Blaze?

Chances are your team members already use smartphones in their personal lives. They’re comfortable working with browser-based software for email and other applications. To make it easy for them, we have designed Blaze to be intuitive and easy to learn. Says David Zicari of Kenworth Northeast: “Every employee who uses Blaze absolutely loves it.”

Will we lose business during the switchover to Blaze?

It usually takes just a few hours to set up Blaze. Most firms find that they need to make only a few accounting entries to catch up. With each Blaze installation, our staff will support you every step of the way.

Is our data safe on Blaze?

Yes. Your data is safer on Blaze than on server-based systems. There are multiple layers of backups and security in the cloud. As well, servers at your business run the risk of being hit by power outages, fires or floods – jeopardizing the security of your data.

With Blaze, your data is protected by our two-factor identification system. To log in, your staff members enter their passwords. The system then sends a code to their phone, which must be input before staff can gain access. This authenticates that the person logging in is actually part of your team.

Will DSI help us to train our staff to use Blaze?

Absolutely! We provide training at your site, at our office in Texas, or both. Our expert trainers will answer all of the questions you have about the software. As well, they will provide you with valuable tips so that you get maximum value from your investment in Blaze.

What will be the impact of switching to Blaze on costs and profitability?

With Blaze, you will be able to improve customer service and enhance employee productivity. Our existing Blaze customers have found that they can work more quickly and effectively – efficiencies that go straight to the bottom line.


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