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Time to Update Servers to Enhance Security

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Time to Update Servers to Enhance Security

DSI clients who are using Windows 2003 or older Linux servers should consider updating their systems, says Charlie Stamp, Senior Network Administrator.

In 2015, Microsoft stopped issuing security updates for Windows 2003 servers, which means that they are no longer protected from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

In the commercial vehicle sector, providers such as Pinnacle and MultiService no longer support the TLS 1.0 encryption system used on older servers. In these cases, DSI clients cannot get price checks and updates needed to run their shops.

The good news is that there are outstanding alternatives for DSI clients who don’t want to invest in new servers. “DSI offers cloud hosting and the cost has gone down significantly in the past year,” says Stamp. “So this is a great time to consider this option.”

For those dealers who prefer to have a server on site, Stamp recommends a Linux system, which is the platform DSI uses. “Linux offers a higher level of security through better encryption of data,” he says.

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