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Increase Profits with Delivery Route Management Software Elite EXTRA

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Increase Profits with Delivery Route Management Software Elite EXTRA

Jay Alosa runs 12 truck dealerships in New England and a key aspect of the business is wholesaling parts to repair shops and truck fleets. He couldn’t do it without Elite EXTRA, a software program that plans delivery routes, reduces labor costs and improves customer service.

“Any dealer who is into wholesale and doesn’t have Elite EXTRA is missing out,” says the operator of Freightliner of New Hampshire and New England Kenworth. “We’re saving hours per day.”

Indeed, Jon Ward (right), Director of Sales at Elite EXTRA, states that the program should be viewed as a cost-saving tool rather than an expense. “Customers see a 16 to 18 percent return on investment with Elite EXTRA. The program helps them to make and save money in the long run.”

Elite EXTRA is a real-time, GPS-based dispatch management solution. It is cloud-based and runs as “software as a service”, which means that clients do not need to purchase additional hardware or software.

The Elite EXTRA program has been integrated into DSI’s dealership management software for three years. Sales entered into DSI are automatically loaded into Elite EXTRA. From there, DSI clients can use the Elite EXTRA system to dispatch drivers and track deliveries.

Some of the advantages of Elite EXTRA include:

  • The program automatically plans the most efficient route, allowing drivers to make more stops in a day. As well, new drivers need less training since they don’t have to learn routes.
  • Customers simply sign on a tablet to confirm receipt. Drivers no longer have to issue a paper receipt, saving driver time and paper costs.
  • Clients who need a part urgently can check the ETA of the delivery based on the planned route. They do not have to call the dealership to find out the status of their shipment.
  • There is no need to buy any computer hardware. Elite EXTRA has an app that runs on any Android or iOS tablet or smartphone.
  • It’s a valuable management tool, allowing you to analyze and improve the profitability of routes. As well, you can manage the performance of drivers, dispatchers and warehouse employees.

For DSI, Elite EXTRA represents an opportunity to help DSI customers to improve efficiency and profitability while using its dealership management software. To learn more about Elite EXTRA, please contact DSI sales.