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Malware Attacks Underscore Need for Strategies to Protect Business

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Malware Attacks Underscore Need for Strategies to Protect Business

The recent malware attacks will hopefully make everyone aware that there is an immediate need to review your dealership security practices to protect the business. Having a proven backup plan to restore your critical data should be part of the strategy to prevent any business disruption.

“A good backup system has a very low cost compared to the expense of a catastrophic interruption of business,” says Ben Cramer, co-CEO of the company.

Cramer recommends an off-site backup. When you backup your data at your dealership, there is a risk that both the original files and the backup can be lost in a disaster such as a fire, a hurricane or flood.

DSI offers a service to backup client data to the Google Cloud. In the event of a client losing data, DSI can restore key data within hours. Clients can also be moved to hosted hardware on the Google Cloud within 24 hours, making the transition quick and easy.

The company also recommends using Linux rather than Windows servers. “Linux offers a higher level of security through better encryption of data,” says Charlie Stamp, DSI’s Senior Network Administrator.

Clients can enhance security by using DSI’s Blaze system, rather than storing data on dealership servers. Blaze is a browser-based version that allows clients to work from any device connected to the internet.

The DSI team will work with you to determine the best solutions for your facility and budget. Don’t wait until you have a catastrophe before protecting your data! For more information, please contact us.