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Reduce Paper Costs and Staff Time with DSI’s Blaze Software

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Reduce Paper Costs and Staff Time with DSI’s Blaze Software

The paperless office is getting closer as companies are increasingly storing documents digitally, saving paper, storage costs and employee time to file and retrieve documents. DSI Solutions’ Blaze software has a number of features that help move clients towards this goal.

These include:
Electronic signature capture: Customers can sign an invoice on a tablet or phone, eliminating the need for printing. The signed invoice is then archived electronically.
External documents: Supplier invoices and other documents can be scanned and saved in DSI Blaze. There is no longer a need to file a paper copy. Digital files can be dragged and dropped to archives.

Easy retrieval: Gone are the days of hunting through filing cabinets to find an invoice or other document. Employees do not have to remember a document number – it can be found through a simple search. Blaze provides speedy retrieval, which improves staff productivity.

Security permissions: You can protect your information by limiting access in Blaze. Employees can do all of their work in Blaze but can be restricted to viewing information for their own department.
Blaze is a browser-based program that allows you to access data from any device connected to the internet. As well, Blaze quickly generates valuable reports that allow companies to manage more effectively. DSI is continuously rolling out new features for Blaze. If you are interested in piloting Blaze at your organization, please contact sales@dsisolutions.biz.