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DSI’s Blaze Software Helps Build Efficiency in Edmonton

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DSI’s Blaze Software Helps Build Efficiency in Edmonton

At Stahl Peterbilt Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, a key goal is to leverage technology to reduce costs and provide superior customer service. Darlene Lukion, the company’s Information Systems Manager, says that DSI Solution’s dealership management software is critical to achieving this aim.

The firm, which has four locations in Northern Alberta, consistently ranks in the top 10 of Peterbilt dealerships in North America. Peterbilt measures each dealer on sales, service, best practices and customer satisfaction.

Stahl drives profitability by automating as many processes as possible for its 200-plus employees. In fact, it’s right in the company’s mission statement, which states that it will “utilize technology to continually improve our processes.”

“We are able to operate with a leaner administrative staff because we take advantage of technology across the company,” Lukion says. “We have taken out manual processes wherever possible and utilize technology to the fullest in sales, service, parts, finance and accounting.”

“This allows us to focus our energy on more important matters like taking care of customers and increasing sales,” she says.

Stahl has been using DSI systems for more than 20 years. Lukion credits DSI with helping the dealership to improve efficiency and profitability. Some of the beneficial features include:
·        Vital information about Peterbilt from Paccar automatically flows into the DSI program and is immediately available for service, parts and other departments. No manual entry is required.
·        Inventory management is automated. The system suggests what parts to order. The ordering process is completely integrated with Paccar.
·        Reporting capabilities give them the tools needed to manage the business.

Recently, Stahl began piloting DSI’s newest software, DataBridge Blaze. This is a browser-based program that allows users to access their information from any device. Blaze generates reports quickly and efficiently. It is user friendly and easy to learn.

Technicians find it very simple to track their time and access any required vehicle information. The entire parts and service departments use the Web Solutions portal to monitor all vehicles that are currently in the shop.

“Blaze works very well for us,” Lukion says. “For example, it allows employees to customize their desktops with the features that they use on a regular basis. It puts the information they need at their fingertips.”

Stahl only works with programs that automatically integrate data with the DSI system. For example, information entered into DSI flows directly into the dealership’s Customer Relationship Management software. This saves a lot of manual re-entry of data. “If a software program doesn’t integrate with DSI we don’t use it,” she says.

Lukion appreciates both the DSI software and the level of customer service the company provides. “When we ask for a new feature, they try to make the enhancement.”

Stahl’s management is constantly analyzing the business to see where it can grow and what improvements can be made. “The outstanding reports that DSI provides enable us to do it,” she says. The company is looking to the future – and DSI will be there for every mile along the road.

For more information about piloting DataBridge Blaze, please contact: sales@dsisolutions.biz