Service Management

This module is specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of the commercial truck service sector. At DSI, we have spent years developing our software with input from a range of clients, from dealers with single locations to those with multiple sites in different cities. Our software offers flexibility, unmatched access to data and ease of use.

  • Flexible repair order process

    Our RO process allows you to quickly and easily generate an estimate and Repair Order for a customer. It’s flexible enough to allow for special issues that may arise.

  • Convert estimate to repair order

    With a couple of simple steps, you can quickly turn an estimate into an approved repair order.

  • Unlimited service history

    We don’t restrict access to service history in order to save storage space on servers. We allow you to view complete service information of a vehicle, which can have an impact on the service that you deliver.

  • Preventive maintenance

    Improve your profitability by recommending that your customers come in for regular maintenance to keep their vehicles safe and on the road.

  • Ability to re-open closed repair orders

    Some programs don’t allow you to modify an RO that has been closed. We know that sometimes it’s necessary to make a change.

  • Work in process management

    This module lets you account for work in process that may be carried over to the next day or even the next month.

  • Labor time guides

    We offer comprehensive guides for estimating technician time to complete a job. These guides provide data on a complete range of vehicles and model years.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards

    VMRS Codes are fully integrated into our software, allowing service advisors, technicians and customers to share vital information.

  • Service dispatch module

    Eliminate paper schedules and whiteboards by taking advantage of our service scheduling component.