Parts Management Module

For dealers, Parts is an important profit center and critical to delivering outstanding customer service. DSI software helps you to effectively manage this department, increase profits and reduce inventory costs. The dashboard lets you see the department’s status at a glance.

Our DealerAlert system constantly monitors activity on your DSI software and contacts you if it looks like something is out of line. In Parts, you receive Alerts for a variety of issues, such as items being sold for a lower gross profit than expected or parts being purchased from the manufacturer when you have them in stock at another location.

  • Comprehensive reporting module

    Obtain detailed reports to help you reduce inventory costs, manage pricing and improve profits.

  • Inventory control

    Inventory is expensive – we help you to track it carefully to ensure profitability.

  • Purchasing management

    Maintain proper inventory levels to minimize inventory costs and ensure that you have items on hand to meet customer needs.

  • Core management

    Cores can be an important profit center – DSI software lets you manage your inventories of cores.

  • Point of sale

    All of your point of sale devices are directly linked to Parts inventory, providing real-time data.

  • Distribution center management

    DSI software allows one or more locations to be distribution centers for other sites, helping you to reduce inventory costs.

  • Cross-referencing

    Our system has information on more than 21 million parts, allowing you to make sure that a part fits a particular vehicle and to maximize use of existing inventory.

  • Bar code module

    Scan and track all of your parts to maintain accurate inventory.

  • Cycle counting and physical inventory

    If desired, weekly counts of a section of Parts helps you to maintain accurate inventory and to make adjustments.

  • True book to physical reconciliation

    Easily reconcile your count with the inventory on your books.

  • Kits

    Our kit module is known throughout the industry for helping service advisors and technicians work quickly and efficiently.

  • Quotes

    Ensure profitability with our easy and accurate quote system.

  • Unit of measure

    Quickly convert inventory items from units purchased into units offered for sale.