Dealer Alert Module

DealerAlert works with your DSI software to constantly monitor business activity and reaches out to you when it discovers something out of line or sees a profit opportunity.

The system provides critical management information based on your dealership and compared to your benchmarks. For example, DealerAlert automatically lets you know that a part you are about to order is overstocked in another branch of the company. You learn instantly if a customer requesting service hasn’t paid a previous bill.

DealerAlert is the most comprehensive alert system available in the industry.

  • Alerts for all departments, including sales, service, parts, office and executive
  • You can use our default settings or configure your own parameters for the alerts, ensuring that you only receive those that are important to you
  • You set the thresholds for alerts, such as customer credit limits
  • You determine who will receive particular alerts, which provides greater security and lets each department manage its own alerts