For Palmer Trucks, uptime is an important benefit for using DSI’s cloud service

For Jeff Gauger, Controller and IT Manager at Palmer Trucks in Indianapolis, using DSI’s cloud hosting service is like being on cloud nine.

Palmer Trucks has been operating with DSI’s business management software for almost 25 years, hosting the program on its servers until last May. However, at that time the firm’s managers decided to get rid of its servers and opt for DSI’s browser-based Blaze software and cloud hosting.

There were three reasons for making the change:

  1. Cloud hosting with DSI virtually never goes down. Before the change, if Palmer had a server fail, it would take four to eight hours to restore data from a backup server.
  2. The company doesn’t have to worry about backups with the cloud – it happens automatically. Palmer previously backed up once daily, meaning that a whole day of data could potentially be lost in a server crash.
  3. Palmer’s 18 locations can access their data independently through the cloud, so that if one dealership loses power or internet it does not affect the others. When the company had its own servers, if the main office went down it put all of the other facilities offline as well.

“This was a planned change to take advantage of greater reliability and stronger backups,” says Gauger. “We were adding a new location and it made sense to move to the cloud at the same time.”

The switchover was easy, he says. It was done on a Sunday, the least busy day of the week for the dealership. The company was offline for about four hours, but only a few entries had to be made once the browser-based Blaze was online.

With the switch to the Blaze program and cloud hosting, Gauger has found that the system runs much faster. Previously, generating reports took over an hour; now they run in less than 10 minutes.

Managers also appreciate being able to access their data from their phone or home computer if they need to respond quickly to a customer inquiry.

In addition, Palmer uses DSI’s archiving service in the cloud. This allows employees to instantly search for invoices and other documents back to 2004. “It’s easier to use than the third-party software that we had before,” Gauger says.

“The only thing I have to say is I wish we would have made the switch to cloud hosting sooner,” says Craig Barnard of Palmer Trucks.

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