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Archiving Provides Backup and Allows For Easy Retrieval of Documents

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Archiving Provides Backup and Allows For Easy Retrieval of Documents

Cumberland Truck Equipment Co. is a large dealership with 12 locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland and has more than $10 million in parts on hand. With thousands of customers, the company has a vast amount of data that needs to be protected.

Cumberland uses DSI Solutions software to manage its business efficiently. For John Hoffman, IT Manager at Cumberland, an important feature of the DSI system is archiving. Cumberland archives parts invoices, repair orders, daily reports and monthly reports. All of these documents are stored electronically, eliminating the need for filing cabinets in the Cumberland offices.

“The primary reason that we use archiving is to protect our data,” says Hoffman. “Before I joined Cumberland, we had a hard drive failure and had to rebuild all of our data.” With archiving, the information is stored safely and can be easily retrieved so that the company can be back in business quickly.

In addition, he cites a number of benefits with DSI archiving:

  • In the event of an audit, employees can quickly pull the records required by the auditor. With audits sometimes going back more than a year, pulling paper records would be time-consuming.
  • It’s simple to search for documents by using a key word or part number. Previously, employees would have to hunt in filing cabinets to find what they need.
  • The system saves multiple versions of repair orders, allowing employees and customers to view any changes. With the old method of filing paper repair orders, only the final version was printed.
  • When customers call with questions about an account statement, employees can quickly find the related invoices to provide detailed information.

In order to take advantage of archiving, customers need to have a separate backup server or use a cloud-based backup, says Ben Cramer, co-CEO of DSI Solutions. This protects data in the event of a disaster at the customer site.

For more information about the DSI archiving module, please contact sales@dsisolutions.biz

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