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DSI Solutions provides businesses with easy-to-use software with the flexibility to run the firm how the customer sees fit.  The software is scalable from small single location businesses to large multi-location, multi-company businesses. It provides industry-specific business management software to suppliers to the commercial vehicle industry, such as medium and heavy-duty truck dealers, trailer dealers, equipment dealers, warehouse distributors, independent repair facilities, and truck up-fitters.

Accounting System Module

DSI’s powerful accounting component is designed specifically to meet the needs of the commercial vehicle sales and service sector. Our accounting system is fully integrated with all modules of the DSI software, allowing you to track and control costs, create financial reports and manage the business. The dashboard lets you view the company’s financial status at a glance.

Module Components

General Ledger

  • You can have multiple months open at the same time. You do not need to close the previous month before starting a new month.
  • Month locking lets you prevent changes to data and reports.
  • Transactions are not deleted on month closing, allowing you to view previous information.
  • You can drill down into our comprehensive financial reports. For more details, simply click on an item and you can view all of the transactions related to that line.
  • Daily operating control reports let you keep your finger on the pulse of the business.
  • If you need to make a change, the system allows you to reverse or re-post transactions.

Accounts Receivable

  • System offers multiple Accounts Receivable accounts, allowing you to run AR statements individually or in sets.
  • Accepts various payment applications, making it easy to use.
  • Allows for miscellaneous invoicing.

Accounts Payable

  • Permits you to have multiple AP accounts.
  • Positive Pay electronic downloads lets you share your list of checks issued with your bank, reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Accounts Payable is fully integrated with inventory receiving, ensuring that parts have been received and priced correctly.
  • Manage your costs with our FIFO system. DSI offers the only accounting system in the sector that tracks parts to give you a true cost.
  • Our MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) system lets you print your own checks, saving you money. You no longer store blank checks at your office, which enhances security.
  • Payment options include credit cards and electronic fund transfers.

Contracts Financing Management Module

DSI is the sole commercial vehicle software company that provides a module allowing dealers to manage financing without using outside lenders. If you decide to go this route, it can increase profitability and give you more control over sales and cash flow.

This module lets you manage your own finance department. It assists you in managing and collecting receivables, with an emphasis on minimizing delinquencies.

Module Components

Contracts Financing Module

  • Conditional sale contracts
  • Leases
  • Forms creation

With this module, you can easily process approved loans and set up receivables. Of course, it’s fully integrated with the other DSI modules, allowing you to move quickly and effortlessly from sales to financing.

Customer Relationship Management Module

We offer a full-featured CRM module that is seamlessly integrated into the DSI software. As with the other modules, the CRM is designed just for commercial vehicle dealers, making it easy to use.

Module Components

CRM Module

  • Manage all sales and accounts receivable collection activity.
  • Track and manage customer and prospect interactions, including meetings, phone calls, emails and marketing touches.
  • Quick and easy access to all important customer information:
    • Parts sales, down to invoice detail
    • Service sales, down to invoice detail
    • Vehicle sales, down to unit specification detail
    • Lease and rental sales
    • Customer fleet information
    • Service history detail
  • Sell parts directly from the CRM.
  • Open Repair Orders from the CRM.
  • View and search your new and used vehicle inventory, which includes photos.
  • Download vehicle information onto a smartphone or tablet.

Dealer Alert Module

DealerAlert works with your DSI software to constantly monitor business activity and reaches out to you when it discovers something out of line or sees a profit opportunity.

The system provides critical management information based on your dealership and compared to your benchmarks. For example, DealerAlert automatically lets you know that a part you are about to order is overstocked in another branch of the company. You learn instantly if a customer requesting service hasn’t paid a previous bill.

DealerAlert is the most comprehensive alert system available in the industry.

Module Components

Dealer Alert Module

  • Alerts for all departments, including sales, service, parts, office and executive
  • You can use our default settings or configure your own parameters for the alerts, ensuring that you only receive those that are important to you
  • You set the thresholds for alerts, such as customer credit limits
  • You determine who will receive particular alerts, which provides greater security and lets each department manage its own alerts

Imaging & Archiving Module

The imaging and archiving module improves productivity and saves on storage costs by allowing you to archive any document produced in the DSI system. This includes parts invoices, repair order invoices, purchase orders, accounts receivable statements and reports.

The archiving system means employees don’t waste valuable time hunting for documents in filing cabinets. Users can retrieve documents based on multiple indexes, such as date, invoice number, customer, purchase order and part number purchased.

The DSI system allows you to capture customer signatures electronically, eliminating the need to file and store signed copies of invoices. When a document is retrieved, it includes a copy of the document with the signature.

You can even archive documents from outside the DSI system by scanning them. This includes A/P invoices, customer purchase orders and customer checks. Like internal documents, these can be stored under multiple indexes for easy retrieval.

Leasing & Rentals Module

As a dealer, you want to be sure that rental and leasing is a profitable segment of your business. This DSI module manages all of the rental and leasing requirements in the commercial vehicle industry. The module covers long-term rentals, short-term rentals, full maintenance leases, guaranteed maintenance and finance leases.

The module reports on revenue and expenses for each lease, generating a profitability report for a vehicle or fleet. Reports can be created for the current month, year to date or for the life of the vehicle.

DSI tracks fleet maintenance with cost per mile. It also provides a preventive maintenance schedule to ensure that each vehicle is kept in top condition. The module monitors expiry dates for insurance, permits and leasing contracts.

The system offers multiple billing options, depending on the type of contract. This includes terms for daily, weekly, monthly, 28-day months, semi-monthly, quarterly and annual rentals and leases.

Of course, the module is fully integrated with the entire DSI system, allowing you to track receivables, manage service and monitor profitability.

Parts Management Module

For dealers, Parts is an important profit center and critical to delivering outstanding customer service. DSI software helps you to effectively manage this department, increase profits and reduce inventory costs. The dashboard lets you see the department’s status at a glance.

Our DealerAlert system constantly monitors activity on your DSI software and contacts you if it looks like something is out of line. In Parts, you receive Alerts for a variety of issues, such as items being sold for a lower gross profit than expected or parts being purchased from the manufacturer when you have them in stock at another location.

Module Components

Parts Management Module

Comprehensive reporting module
Obtain detailed reports to help you reduce inventory costs, manage pricing and improve profits.

Inventory control
Inventory is expensive – we help you to track it carefully to ensure profitability.

Purchasing management
Maintain proper inventory levels to minimize inventory costs and ensure that you have items on hand to meet customer needs.

Core management
Cores can be an important profit center – DSI software lets you manage your inventories of cores.

Point of sale
All of your point of sale devices are directly linked to Parts inventory, providing real-time data.

Distribution center management
DSI software allows one or more locations to be distribution centers for other sites, helping you to reduce inventory costs.

Our system has information on more than 21 million parts, allowing you to make sure that a part fits a particular vehicle and to maximize use of existing inventory.

Bar code module
Scan and track all of your parts to maintain accurate inventory.

Cycle counting and physical inventory
If desired, weekly counts of a section of Parts helps you to maintain accurate inventory and to make adjustments.

True book to physical reconciliation
Easily reconcile your count with the inventory on your books.

Our kit module is known throughout the industry for helping service advisors and technicians work quickly and efficiently.

Ensure profitability with our easy and accurate quote system.

Unit of measure
Quickly convert inventory items from units purchased into units offered for sale.

Service Management Module

This module is specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of the commercial truck service sector. At DSI, we have spent years developing our software with input from a range of clients, from dealers with single locations to those with multiple sites in different cities. Our software offers flexibility, unmatched access to data and ease of use.

Module Components

Service Management Module

Flexible repair order process
Our RO process allows you to quickly and easily generate an estimate and Repair Order for a customer. It’s flexible enough to allow for special issues that may arise.

Convert estimate to repair order
With a couple of simple steps, you can quickly turn an estimate into an approved repair order.

Unlimited service history
We don’t restrict access to service history in order to save storage space on servers. We allow you to view complete service information of a vehicle, which can have an impact on the service that you deliver.

Preventive maintenance
Improve your profitability by recommending that your customers come in for regular maintenance to keep their vehicles safe and on the road.

Ability to re-open closed repair orders
Some programs don’t allow you to modify an RO that has been closed. We know that sometimes it’s necessary to make a change.

Work in process management
This module lets you account for work in process that may be carried over to the next day or even the next month.

Labor time guides
We offer comprehensive guides for estimating technician time to complete a job. These guides provide data on a complete range of vehicles and model years.

Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards
VMRS Codes are fully integrated into our software, allowing service advisors, technicians and customers to share vital information.

Service dispatch module
Eliminate paper schedules and whiteboards by taking advantage of our service scheduling component.

Sales Process Workflow Management Module

DSI offers a best-in-industry system to manage the sales process effectively and quickly. The module covers everything from start (the quote) to finish (accounting). Each step of the way, the system makes the deal available to the appropriate person in the dealership.

The program allows the salesperson to customize the quote for each buyer. It starts with the chassis and adds all the equipment the customer needs. The software can be fully integrated with the dealership website, allowing both purchasers and salespersons’ access to the details about each vehicle, including multiple photos. It automatically updates inventory when a vehicle is sold or leased.

It manages the sale of multiple units, as well as trade-ins. If work needs to be done on the vehicles, the system will create repair orders for the shop.

DSI covers all of the accounting requirements of a vehicle sale, including calculating Federal Excise Tax. It handles all add-ons, such as bodies, equipment, extended warranties, document fees, lot packs and PDI. As well, it allows for various methods of calculating commissions, including flat fee, tiered, fleet and split.

Module Components

Vehicle Sales Module

  • Spec sheets
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Conditional sale contracts
  • Sales orders
  • Warranty forms
  • State/provincial forms
  • Finance forms
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