Sales Process Workflow Management Module

DSI offers a best-in-industry system to manage the sales process effectively and quickly. The module covers everything from start (the quote) to finish (accounting). Each step of the way, the system makes the deal available to the appropriate person in the dealership.

The program allows the salesperson to customize the quote for each buyer. It starts with the chassis and adds all the equipment the customer needs. The software can be fully integrated with the dealership website, allowing both purchasers and salespersons’ access to the details about each vehicle, including multiple photos. It automatically updates inventory when a vehicle is sold or leased.

It manages the sale of multiple units, as well as trade-ins. If work needs to be done on the vehicles, the system will create repair orders for the shop.

DSI covers all of the accounting requirements of a vehicle sale, including calculating Federal Excise Tax. It handles all add-ons, such as bodies, equipment, extended warranties, document fees, lot packs and PDI. As well, it allows for various methods of calculating commissions, including flat fee, tiered, fleet and split.

  • Spec sheets
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Conditional sale contracts
  • Sales orders
  • Warranty forms
  • State/provincial forms
  • Finance forms