Leasing & Rentals Module

As a dealer, you want to be sure that rental and leasing is a profitable segment of your business. This DSI module manages all of the rental and leasing requirements in the commercial vehicle industry. The module covers long-term rentals, short-term rentals, full maintenance leases, guaranteed maintenance and finance leases.

The module reports on revenue and expenses for each lease, generating a profitability report for a vehicle or fleet. Reports can be created for the current month, year to date or for the life of the vehicle.

DSI tracks fleet maintenance with cost per mile. It also provides a preventive maintenance schedule to ensure that each vehicle is kept in top condition. The module monitors expiry dates for insurance, permits and leasing contracts.

The system offers multiple billing options, depending on the type of contract. This includes terms for daily, weekly, monthly, 28-day months, semi-monthly, quarterly and annual rentals and leases.

Of course, the module is fully integrated with the entire DSI system, allowing you to track receivables, manage service and monitor profitability.