Accounting System Module

DSI’s powerful accounting component is designed specifically to meet the needs of the commercial vehicle sales and service sector. Our accounting system is fully integrated with all modules of the DSI software, allowing you to track and control costs, create financial reports and manage the business. The dashboard lets you view the company’s financial status at a glance.

General Ledger
  • You can have multiple months open at the same time. You do not need to close the previous month before starting a new month.
  • Month locking lets you prevent changes to data and reports.
  • Transactions are not deleted on month closing, allowing you to view previous information.
  • You can drill down into our comprehensive financial reports. For more details, simply click on an item and you can view all of the transactions related to that line.
  • Daily operating control reports let you keep your finger on the pulse of the business.
  • If you need to make a change, the system allows you to reverse or re-post transactions.

Accounts Receivable
  • System offers multiple Accounts Receivable accounts, allowing you to run AR statements individually or in sets.
  • Accepts various payment applications, making it easy to use.
  • Allows for miscellaneous invoicing.

Accounts Payable
  • Permits you to have multiple AP accounts.
  • Positive Pay electronic downloads lets you share your list of checks issued with your bank, reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Accounts Payable is fully integrated with inventory receiving, ensuring that parts have been received and priced correctly.
  • Manage your costs with our FIFO system. DSI offers the only accounting system in the sector that tracks parts to give you a true cost.
  • Our MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) system lets you print your own checks, saving you money. You no longer store blank checks at your office, which enhances security.
  • Payment options include credit cards and electronic fund transfers.