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Freightliner of Austin Saves on Staff Time, Office Supplies with Blaze

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Freightliner of Austin Saves on Staff Time, Office Supplies with Blaze

Like many business owners, Paul Werner of Freightliner of Austin wants to manage labor costs and reduce operating expenses. That’s why he’s excited to be piloting the new Blaze dealership management software from DSI Solutions.

Werner, vice-president, and part owner has been with the company since 1991 and has been working with DSI for many years. His company employs 59 people and has two locations, the dealership in Austin and a parts center in Round Rock.

For the last few months, Freightliner of Austin has been piloting the Blaze system. Blaze is a browser-based program that allows clients to access data from any device connected to the internet.

“Blaze is very easy for employees to operate,” Werner says. “It’s simple to follow and the information needed is usually accessible from a single screen.”

For Freightliner of Austin, some of the most important features of Blaze are:

  • Electronic signature capture: Customers can sign an invoice on a device, saving the printing costs of ink and paper. The signed invoice is then archived electronically.
  • Archiving: Files are stored electronically and can be easily retrieved if needed. Staff no longer need to spend time filing paper copies or searching for documents when a client calls.
  • Scanning: Supplier invoices and other documents can be scanned and saved in the archive. Again, there are savings from not printing and filing a paper copy.

With Blaze, Werner expects to see savings in employee time, paper and ink. “We print very few reports. Most reports are easy to search on the screen. The new search function in Blaze is phenomenal.”

Eventually, Werner hopes to have a paperless office. For the moment, customers are signing a paper copy of invoices as well as entering their signature on a device.

Werner prefers the simplicity of the DSI system over its more complicated competitors. “We want to sell parts and deliver service in the most efficient way possible. DSI enables us to do that.”

Please contact sales for information about piloting Blaze.